YoungLife Lost Canyon Clubhouse

Performance space within the clubhouse
Performance space within the clubhousePerformance space within the clubhouse Exterior of the clubhouse buildingExterior of the clubhouse building
Project location: Williams, AZ
Size: 9,850 square feet
Date completed: 2006

• Clubhouse accommodates 400+

• RAR designs also include camper and staff dormitories and retail-type facilities

• Master-planning work on an established campus

RAR was brought into master-plan Young Life’s Lost Canyon camp after about half of the campus had been built up. We were tasked with the planning and design of the rest of the camp, including the main assembly building (“Clubhouse”) “Main Street Shops”, a staff dormitory, a laundry building as well as designing the interstitial spaces.

Working closely with the owner’s volunteer labor force, fundraising and governing board, we were able to provide designs to their specifications, and within their capability. The lands around the buildings we were able to use to form natural gathering areas and outdoor recreational spaces.

The clubhouse, especially, is an extremely professional setting for all their Audio/Video needs.

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